Irons On The Defensive

Davie Irons has responded to news that the SFA have warned Morton about their discipline in the first half of the season by claiming that the club have received no such warning.

When asked about the warning by the Greenock Telegraph's David Christie Irons (pictured, left: having a go at referee Chris Boyle at Clyde after he was sent off Brian Wake and added on five minutes of injury time) said: "As far as I am aware, we have not had any warning. I’ve certainly not seen it and we have not received any note about a fine."

The Morton manager then went on an extended rant about the SFA Disciplinary Commitee, referees and finished off his spiel by arguing that four of the five red cards we've received this season weren't justified. On the red cards he said: “We are definitely not a dirty team. Of the five red cards, I would say only one is justified and that is Allan McManus’ handball on the line. Kevin Cuthbert made a genuine attempt for the ball at Airdrie and Brian Wake’s was never a sending off in the month of Sundays."

I witnessed all of the red cards mentioned and four of them were deserved - Wake's is the only one that wasn't - and I'm sure the vast majority of Morton fans would agree. For Irons not to acknowledge McManus's red card against Airdrie was deserved is particularly ridiculous. He even said both our bookings on Saturday weren't justified but Chris Smith's yellow was also deserved.

Greenock Telegraph - Irons: No Dirty Tricks From Us (05.02.2009)

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mortonjag said...

Just more evidence of how DI's enormous ego blinds him to reality. I'm wondering what Rae thinks about this latest gaffe!