Morton Finally Get Jenkins

Morton have finally landed Gretna midfielder Allan Jenkins (pictured left talking to Ryan McGuffie on Monday night) to end the 'will he, wont he' drama that this transfer had turned into.

According to Gretna's official website Jenkins signed a three year deal just 48 hours after he had played against us in the Scottish Cup.

I think Jenkins will be an excellent signing and just the calibre of player we need to help us climb the league table away from the relegation and play-off places.

Unfortunately, the former Stranraer man is cup-tied for our match on Saturday.

An article in today's Greenock Telegraph indicated that they believed Jenkins would sign today. Their article finishes with the news that "The Telegraph also believes Morton will sign one more player before the transfer window closes at midnight tonight."

Weatherson Blames Websites For Low Confidence

Peter Weatherson was brilliant against Gretna on Monday night; scoring two excellent goals to cap off a man of the match performance.

However I was extremeley disappointed when he celebrated his first goal with a gesture I believe was aimed at the Morton fans. He cupped his ears as if to say ' what are you lot saying now?'. I have also taken a picture (left) from the Tontastic website in which Peter appears to be craning his neck back to shout in the direction of the Morton support. Then when he was substituted he refused to acknowledge the fans who applauded him off.

The failure to applaud didn't bother me at all but I thought he had a cheek to make any sort of gesture after the performances and effort Peter has put in over the last 2 -3 months. Fair enough if he had started to ram in goals over a succession of games whilst putting in great performances at the same time but he hasn't.

In today's Greenock Telegraph Chris Fitzgerald talks to Weatherson about his, and Morton's, form this season. He says that his poor form was down to his confidence being 'really low' and that that was caused by fans on internet messageboards and on the street saying they wanted him out of the club. He said: "The rumour mill works overtime here. My family is here and they read the websites and hear the talk about town. It’s impossible not to hear what people are saying about you. To hear people want you out of a club you enjoy playing for is hard. That’s why my confidence was so low."

That's all fair enough to an extent but I have a couple of issues with it. The first is that of all the posts on the unofficial messageboard I've read and Morton fans I've talked to about Weatherso only two people have ever said that they want Weatherson out of the club. The rest have been critical (not overly critical) of his effort and fitness - not his performances or form - in the last few months.

Also, I don't think Peter's problem was his form. I just don't believe he is as fit as he could be or that he tries as hard as he could. You only have to look at his exceptional performance against Queen Of The South in November and compare that with almost any performance since then. The difference in effort is night and day. At Palmerston he ran about like a man possessed looking for the ball at every opportunity, in games since then he has wandered about doing nothing much at all. I don't know about anyone else but any criticism I had aimed at him was because of a perceived lack of effort rather than a poor run of form as everyone goes through a bad run at some point.

For me Weatherson is the most talented player at Cappielow. I sincerely hope that he continues to score goals and keep on performing close to the levels he achieved in Dumfries on Monday night. If he does I can guarantee him there wont be much criticism coming his way.

To see a larger picture of the one above click here: http://www.tontastic.com/index.cgi?dir=2008-01-28-ScotCup4-A-Gretna&med=i&pag=11

To read the full Tele' article click here: http://www.greenocktelegraph.co.uk/article.php?sec=2&id=19196

No Chance McAlister Will Leave Morton In January

Jim McInally has stated that Jim McAlister will not be leaving Morton before the transfer window closes tomorrow night.

The Greenock Telegraph's Chris Fitzgerald quotes McInally as saying: "Jim McAlister is the same. He gives you everything he’s got. He’s no problem. There is absolutely no chance of him leaving this club during the transfer window. No chance at all.”

The statement is a response to claims in the Daily Star, The Scottish Sun and on the BBC website (where McGhee admits he is a McAlister fan) that Motherwell want to sign the winger.

The article also mentions that Chris Millar will not be leaving until the end of the season even though he is on at McInally to let him go to St. Johnstone now.


Gretna 0-3 Morton

Gretna 0 -
Morton 3 - Weatherson (67, 70), Millar (78)

Att - 1,167

Millar celebrates his goal.

Morton's goalscorers.

Morton (3-5-2):

1. McGurn - 7
2. Millar - 7
3. McLaughlin - 6
4. Harding - 7
5. Greacen - 7
6. Smith - 8 (14. MacGregor - 90 mins)
7. Finlayson - 7
8. McGuffie - 7
9. Weatherson - 9 (15. Stevenson - 89 mins)
10. Graham - 7 (12. Russell - 61 mins)
11. McAlister - 8

Subs Not Used:
16. McGeough
20. Robinson

Booked: Russell

Harding Smith Greacen
Finlayson Millar McGuffie McLaughlin McAlister
Graham Weatherson

Gretna: Caig, Hall, Collin, Innes, Naughton, Jenkins, Murray, Skelton, Buscher, Deuchar, Makinwa. Subs: Fleming, McGill, Canning, Deverdics, Kissock.

My man of the match: Peter Weatherson

Sponsor's man of the match:

Matchday Programme (Click to enlarge)

BBC Match report (with audio interview with Peter Weatherson): http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/scot_cups/7211929.stm

Tele' match report: http://www.greenocktelegraph.co.uk/article.php?a=telegraph&sec=2&id=19160

Tele' match reaction: http://www.greenocktelegraph.co.uk/article.php?sec=2&id=19162

Gretna match report: http://www.gretnafootballclub.co.uk/news/2008/01/28/gretna-0-3-morton/

Gretna match reaction: http://www.gretnafootballclub.co.uk/news/2008/01/29/irons-fumes-after-cup-exit/

Gretna pictures: http://www.gretnafootballclub.co.uk/media/photos/280108/


Wake Signs For Morton

According to Chris Fitzgerald in today's Greenock Telegraph we have signed Brian Wake - a striker - from Hamilton Accies.

Name: Brian Wake
Age: 25 (d.o.b. - 13.08.1982)
Position: Striker
Nationality: English
Height: 6'
Former Clubs: Carlisle, Gretna, Scarborough, Hamilton Accies

Wake is available to play in Saturday's cup tie with Queen Of The South.



Watch Your Back Jim

"Watch your back Jim!" is the advice Davie Provan gives Jim McInally in his column in yesterday's News Of The World.

Provan makes the comment after learning that Douglas Rae was going around the 'corporate boxes' (not been to Cappielow in a long time, eh Davie?) making comments on how the team went wrong against Queen Of The South. Too many long balls apparently.

Rae has been using his column in the match day programme and his presence in the hospitality lounges to make ill advised and inappropriate comments on players and tactics for years now. So Jim needn't worry about watching his back as he must know all about it.

Provan finished the small piece by offering us his sympathies for having to travel to Palmerston and the extra costs that will incur.

Dunfermline 2 - 0 Morton

Dunfermline Athletic 2 - Simmons (51), Glass (83)
Morton 0 -

Att - 3,594

Morton (3-6-1):

1. McGurn - 7
2. MacGregor - 5 (12. Weatherson - 53 mins)
3. McLaughlin - 6
4. Harding - 6
5. Greacen - 6
6. Smith - 7
7. Finlayson - 6
8. McGuffie - 5
9. Russell - 6 (16. Graham - 73 mins)
10. Millar - 7
11. McAlister - 7

Subs Not Used:

14. Stevenson
15. McAnespie
20. Robinson

Harding Smith Greacen
Finlayson Millar MacGregor McLaughlin McAlister

Dunfermline Athletic: Gallacher, Woods, Wilson, Simmons, Scott Thomson (Harris 76), Murphy, Harper (Crawford 81), Glass, Burchill, Hamilton, McIntyre (Phinn 71). Subs Not Used: McManus, Murdoch.

My man of the match: Jim McAlister

Sponsor's man of the match:

Matchday Programme (Click to enlarge)


Jenkins Saga Drags On

The transfer of Allan Jenkins (pictured, far right as you look, playing against us in the Scottish Cup) from Gretna to Morton now looks like it can be added to the long list of farcical transfer dealings Morton have been involved in since Douglas Rae took over at the club. Dating right back to David Hagen's imminent signing up to Dundee stealing Jani Sturm and Colin McMenamin from under our noses.

Jenkins continues to hold off from accepting Morton's contract offer - an excellent deal according to Chris Fitzgerald in today's Greenock Telegraph - until he secures a pay off from Gretna.

In Fitzgerald's article McInally said that he was expecting to hear from Jenkins today [Friday] but that even if he accepts he will not join up with us until after the rescheduled Gretna replay - now to be played at Palmerston.

The article does state that Jenkins is keen to come to Cappielow but I suspect that this desire might be diminishing as he watches our spectacular league decline put huge pressure on the manager who is trying to sign him.

I'm not sure who's at fault here (if anyone) but all I do know is that we never seem to be able to snap up a player with the minimum of fuss. We always have to wait and wait and then find out we aren't getting them resulting in last minute panic signings like Jay Shields. Who, in other recent breaking news, has inexplicably (well not really as he's crap but because it was straight out of the blue) been released after just signing a contract extension. Anyone who believes McInally's 'there's no place for Jay because of our new formation' must be off their heads.

I hope we do get Jenkins as I rate him highly but the rate the deal is going at it will be an 23:59:59 signing on the 31st of January. Well either that or he'll tell us no and Jim will go out and snap up Stuart Callaghan from Brechin for £50,000.


McGhee Confirms McAlister Interest

A story on the BBC website has confirmed a Daily Star report that Motherwell are interested in Jim McAlister but that there has been no official approach.

Well manager Mark McGhee isn't happy that the interest has been made public and is quoted as saying: "It was on record earlier in the season that I am a fan of the lad McAlister. But it is premature and unfair of [McGhee is misquoted here, he actually says it's unfair ON Morton - you can hear this if you listen to the interview linked to below] Morton to discuss where we are with it as we have not made an official offer. We do not want to unsettle the lad at his present club."

If you click this link http://search.bbc.co.uk/cgi-bin/search/results.pl?scope=all&edition=d&q=mcghee+southampton and then click on the listen icon for the 'McGhee unaware of Southampton link' audio function in the top right hand corner of the screen you can listen to an interview with McGhee in which he admits he is a fan of McAlister.It's about 4 minutes 50 seconds into the interview.

According to a post by dirty dingus (great name) on the unofficial messageboard Tom Callaghan - McAlister's representative - claims that Morton want £250,000 for Jim in an article in today's Daily Star.



Morton Top Trump Card

Today's Daily Record gave away 4 Scottish football team Top Trump cards - one of which was Morton.

The card (pictured) includes a number of stats and includes a small story on our Scottish Cup success in 1922 - written by me. The piece is identical (apart from two words) to a bit I wrote for Morton's Wikipedia page (the first paragraph of the history section). This is especially disappointing considering I could've written a lot of nonsense. It's not the first time I've seen this laziness either; Motherwell used some of the player profiles I, and others, had typed for our players in their match day programme.

Don't get me wrong I'm not grumbling because something I had written was ripped off. I typed it up in the knowledge it would be public property. But to take an article from wikipedia as gospel and then copy it out verbatim for a product you expect to sell is an absolute joke if you ask me.

Gretna P-P Morton

Morton's Scottish Cup replay with Gretna at Fir Park was postponed tonight. Referee Kenny Clark called a halt deciding the waterlogged pitch was unplayable after a 6.45pm pitch inspection.

In my opinion the decision to call a pitch inspection so late in the day is a disgraceful way to treat fans - most of whom were well on their way to the game via various methods of transport. I was more annoyed to learn that there was a pitch inspection prior to the one held at quarter to seven which proved 'inconclusive' according to the BBC sport website.

Gretna's official website quotes Kenny Clark as saying: “The park was waterlogged and it would have represented a danger to players because of the inability to stop themselves, especially the goalkeepers with forwards closing in on them, over and above that, the game would have been a lottery. Neither side wants to go out of the Scottish Cup because of a bad bounce or some player mis-controlling the ball. It’s one of those things, you can’t legislate for that amount of raining falling in that short of time.”

The site also confirms that the match will now be played on Monday the 28th of January 2008 with a 7.45pm kick-off.

I'm just glad I travel with the Gourock Morton Supporters who have very kindly decided to refund everyone's bus money.


110%, No Doubt About It, Time To Go Jim

Jim McInally has to go and now.

The 6-1 defeat at Livingston, the 3-0 defeat on Saturday, the way our team actually chucked it in both matches and tonight the frustration from learning Colin McMenamin has signed for Dundee after we've released both Chris Templeman and Bobby Linn have hammered the finals nails into a coffin that should've probably been sealed before now.

Our home record is despicable; his signings have been, in the main, deplorable which he himself seems to agree with as he's since released a lot of them (Linn, Templeman, Coakley, Gardyne, Shields) and he makes rash statements and then goes back on them (e.g. Chris Millar will never play for Morton again, that he would resign if we failed to achieve promotion in 2005/06).

In the past I've written in to the Tele' fans forum supporting him, argued on the unofficial messageboard supporting him and even posted on here questioning him but taking it back after improved results but there's only so long that can go on for in the face of what's gone this season and, for me, the time has definitely come for Jim McInally and Morton to part. There's no way back.

You might have noticed that I've not been posting news on here much this week and over the last few weeks I have posted match details without a report and the reason is that I'm absolutely scunnered with Morton - not only the manager but the Chairman and the players as well. The only way I can see things changing is a new management team with new ideas, a clear out of some of the heartless charlatans who masquerade as players every Saturday and less interfering from the top.

The only thing I would say is that I hope the calls for Jim's head don't descend into personal abuse as I think he comes accross as a very decent guy, he's just a rubbish manager.


Morton 0 - 3 Queen Of The South

Morton 0 -
Queen Of The South 3 - Dobbie (65, 73, 84)

Att - 2,470

Unacceptable. Time to go Jim.

Morton (3-5-2):

1. McGurn - 4
2. MacGregor - 4
3. McLaughlin - 6
4. Smith - 5
5. Harding - 5
6. Millar - 7
7. Stevenson - 6 (14. Graham - 73 mins)
8. McGuffie - 5
9. Weatherson - 5
10. Russell - 5
11. McAlister - 6

Subs Not Used:

12. Greacen
15. McAnespie
16. McGeough
20. Robinson

Harding Smith MacGregor
Stevenson Millar McGuffie McLaughlin McAlister
Russell Weatherson

Queen Of The South: MacDonald, McCann (Paton 67), Aitken, Thomson, McQuilken, Tosh, MacFarlane, Burns, Harris, O'Connor (O'Neill 88), Stewart (Dobbie 64). Subs Not Used: Campbell, Grindlay.

My man of the match: Stephen Dobbie (QotS)

Sponsor's man of the match:

Matchday Programme (Click to enlarge)

Video of the goals & QotS match report: http://www.qosfc.com/07report.htm


Templeman Thanks Morton Fans

In an article in today's Greenock Telegraph Chris Templeman thanks the Morton fans for their support and reveals his highlights at Morton were the Kilmarnock win and the 2nd Division championship. He also states that playing first team football was his reason for leaving.


Templeman Joins East Fife

http://www.gmfc.net/ and http://www.eastfife.org/ have both confirmed the news that Chris Templeman has joined East Fife today.

Neither report makes mention of a transfer fee but Templeman's contract was up in the summer so any fee would be very small. I'd tend to think Morton would have been happy to get him off the wage bill as he didn't seem to be part of Jim McInally's plans this season.

Chris joined the club in December 2004 for a fee believed to be around £80,000 but which would rise to around £200,000 if Temeplman's wages, bonuses (over 3 1/2 years) and potential add ons were included.

Apart from a hat-trick at home to Forfar Athletic Templeman had a torrid first year at Morton. He rejoined Brechin on loan and failed to score a goal. He came back from Brechin with a new attitude and fought for his place in the team. He proved to be a success in season 2006/07 as he scored 14 goals on route to the Second division title - including two unforgettable goals in the Scottish Cup tie against Kilmarnock.




Morton sign Templeman: http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/m/morton/4079531.stm

Templeman joins Brechin on loan: http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/b/brechin_city/4667884.stm


New Director On Board

Following on from the recent news that Arthur Montford and Iain D. Brown had retired from the board of directors Morton have welcomed a new director onto the board in the shape of businessman Alistair Donald.

In Saturday's match day programme Douglas Rae devoted a couple of paragraphs to the announcement and Donald himself is given half a page to talk about his decision to join the board (both of which you can read by clicking on the images above [Rae] and below [Donald] to enlarge them).

The news was met by curiosity amongst the Morton support leading to an interesting thread on the http://www.greenockmorton.org/ messageboard. A couple of the posts on the thread included fascinating links: theyorkshirepudding linking to a BBC website article and Greacen2000 who linked to a ScotlandonSunday article. According to these articles Donald is a lifelong Rangers fan who attempted to give Alex McLeish £10 million of his estimated fortune of £70 million to spend on players.

ScotlandonSunday article: http://scotlandonsunday.scotsman.com/ViewArticle.aspx?articleid=2570750

BBC Sport: http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/r/rangers/3709888.stm

Thread on Morton messageboard: http://www.greenockmorton.org/forum/index.php?showtopic=18376&st=0


Tele' Confirms Signing Targets

Morton will follow up the signing of Ryan McGuffie by attempting to sign two more Gretna players - Allan Jenkins and Colin McMenamin.

Name: Colin McMenamin
Age: 26 (12.02.1981)
Position: Striker
Nationality: Scottish
Height: 5' 10"
Former Clubs: Annan Athletic, Newcastle United, Livingston, Shrewsbury Town, Gretna, Livingston (loan)

McMenamin is currently on loan at Livingston and came off the bench to score against us in the 6-1 rout at Almondvale a couple of weeks ago. Something that may be to our benefit in our ability to attract the striker is the fact we have McGuffie. McGuffie and McMenamin both started their careers at Annan Athletic and then moved to Newcastle United together. Their younger brothers both play together at Annan at the moment.

This rumour has been circulating among fans in the ground and on the internet since Saturday and appears in today's Greenock Telegraph.

Roger Graham quotes Douglas Rae as saying: "We have made an enquiry to Gretna for both players. We are aware of the interest of other clubs [Dundee in McMenamin] but are hopeful. We haven’t spoken as yet to the players, but I spoke with Gretna again after Saturday’s match. We have said we are interested in either a permanent transfer for both, or loan deals to the end of the season with a view to making them permanent. Now we just have to wait and see.”


Scottish Cup News

4th Round Replay Details

The details for the replay of the Gretna Scottish Cup tie were announced over the tannoy at the end of the match. The match will be played on Wednesday the 23rd of January at Fir Park, Motherwell with a 7.45pm kick off

5th Round Draw

Morton were drawn to play Queen Of The South at home in the 5th round of the Scottish Cup. Should we beat Gretna this tie will be played at Cappielow on Saturday the 2nd of February.

Jenkins To Sign For Morton

Gretna midfielder Allan Jenkins will sign for Morton next week according to rumours flying about the Cowshed yesterday.

Name: Allan Jenkins
Age: 26 (d.o.b. - 7/10/1981)
Position: Central Midfield
Nationality: Scottish
Height: 6' 1"
Former Clubs: Stranraer, Gretna

The rumours have also appeared on the http://www.greenockmorton.org/ messageboard and due to the sheer volume of people saying the same thing you'd have to think there's no smoke without fire.

Lots of people are saying they have very good sources who are in the know. MidTONS - who was in hospitality yesterday - had the rumour confirmed by a Gretna director. Others have said the Gretna players are saying the same as were Gretna fans in the Norseman after the match.

It's also a rumour I have heard personally and I tend to believe he will sign and will be delighted when / if he does.

Morton 2 - 2 Gretna

Morton 2 - Finlayson (64), McAlister (75)
Gretna 2 - Yantorno (13), Horwood (49)

Att - 2,848

Match report to follow...

Morton (3-5-2):

1. McGurn - 7
2. MacGregor - 6
3. McLaughlin - 5 (14. Stevenson - 54 mins)
4. Smith - 7
5. Harding - 6
6. Millar - 8 (12. Greacen - 90 mins)
7. Finlayson - 8
8. McGuffie - 5
9. Weatherson - 5
10. Russell - 6
11. McAlister - 7

Subs Not Used:
15. Graham
16. McGeough
20. Robinson

Harding Smith MacGregor
Finlayson Millar McGuffie McLaughlin McAlister
Russell Weatherson

Gretna: Caig, Barr, Horwood, Hall, Innes, Murray, Osman (Jenkins 72), Skelton, Deuchar, Yantorno (McGill 54), Deverdics (McLaren 78). Subs Not Used: Fleming, Canning.

My man of the match: Kevin Finlayson

Sponsor's man of the match: Kevin Finlayson / Jim McAlister / Chris Millar

Matchday Programme (Click to enlarge)

BBC Match report: http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/scot_cups/7181096.stm

Tele' match report:

Tele' match reaction:



In Roger Graham's preview of tomorrow's Scottish Cup tie he talks to Jim McInally who speaks of his team digging in and battling for the win. However the most interesting - and relief inducing - part is to be found towards the end of the article.

It concerns the signing of Barry Smith and him requiring international clearance. McInally says he will be disappointed if it doesn't come through in time for Saturday. Next comes the immortal line we've all been waiting for: "If cleared to play, Smith will fill one of the central defensive positions."

The manager has finally reached the conclusion almost everyone else had ages ago - our central defenders are not good enough.

It will be interesting to see who Smith will replace. Ryan Harding was appalling last week and Stewart Greacen (pictured) has been costing goals for ages but will the manager drop his Captain? We'll have to wait and see. Personally, I'd bring Smith in for Greacen.

Morton Reserves Join Greenock Juniors

The Greenock Telegraph's Junior football reporter David Mackie has revealed that Greenock Juniors have signed Morton reserves Gary Loughran (pictured below) and Gary Phillip (pictured left - in action against Stenhousemuir in pre-season).

The pair join a long list of players (David McLeod is expected to join a local amateur team) Jim McInally has deemed surplus to requirements in the January transfer window.


Daily Record Readers Tip Morton To Beat Gretna

Morton v Gretna - News

60.9% of voters on a poll on the Daily Record website believe that the Morton v Gretna Scottish Cup tie is the most likely to see an SPL side go out.

The other options are Airdrie to beat Kilmarnock (22.8%) and Clyde to beat Dundee United (16.3%).

Poll: http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/

The Morton v Gretna tie will be available to listen to on BBC Radio Scotland (with commentary from Bill Leckie and Murdo MacLeod) according to the Sportsound website.


There's also an article in today's Greenock Telegraph in which Chris Fitzgerald talks to Ryan McGuffie about facing his former club so soon after leaving them.


Season tickets are not valid for this match , as a result Morton have announced prices for the match on their website. They are as follows:

Adults - £15
Concessions - £9
Parent & Child - £19

Adults - £13
Concessions - £8
Parent & Child - £17



Morton To Sign Smith

Morton are set to sign former Dundee defender Barry Smith (pictured).

Smith has been training with the club and according to a story that first appeared in yesterday's Daily Record Jim McInally is hoping to sign the 33 year old who can play in at centre half and right back.

Name: Barry Smith
Age: 33 (d.o.b. - 19/02/1974)
Position: Defender (Right back or centre back), can also play midfield.
Nationality: Scottish
Height: 5' 10"
Former Clubs: Celtic, Dundee, Valur (Iceland), Partick Thistle (loan)

The story looks to have been susbtantiated today as it has appeared in both the Greenock Telegraph and the Scottish Sun.

In the Tele' Chris Fitzgerald quotes McInally as saying: "Barry is a player I like and he’ll do a job for us. I’ve played alongside Barry and always thought him underrated. He brings so much to other players’ games with his experience and desire — he’s got Premier League experience and that is what we need just now."



Wikipedia profile: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barry_Smith_%28footballer%29

Gretna Gives McLaughlin A Chill Down His Spine

In today's Scottish Sun John Shields talks to Scott McLaughlin (pictured with his arm in a sling before the first game of the season) about the horror wrist injury he suffered in a pre-season game down at Gretna.

McLaughlin reveals that the name Gretna now brings back bad memories for him. As does Raydale Park and on that basis he's glad the cup tie will be played at Cappielow.

To read the full article click the images below:


Clyde 1 Reveals Morton's First Target

Some people have different interpritations of who would constitute a big gun as a signing target. Clyde 1 have offered their opinion and had a joke (some would say accurate dig) at the expense of Jim McInally and his signing policy.

Earlier on today a woman presenter on the station was reporting on the high winds in Inverclyde and remarked that a wheelie bin was seen whizzing past Cappielow at 25 mph and apparently McInally tried to sign it.

Sounds like a replacement for Kevin Finlayson to me.

Morton To Target The 'Big Guns'

In addition to the story about the bounce match with Falkirk Chris Fitzgerald has also revealed that after a meeting to discuss transfer funds on Monday Jim McInally and Douglas Rae have decided to target 'the big guns'.

Rather than pay a transfer fee, as we have done in the past, the manager will now look to Bosman signings. The thinking behind this is that rather than take a chance on players (Michael Gardyne is used as an example) they can target proven players and pay them better wages due to the money saved from not paying a transfer fee.

Jim McInally states that the club are busy behind the scenes chasing several targets and that Douglas Rae has said he's prepared to do all he can in that department.

Morton 0 - 0 Falkirk

According to Chris Fitzgerald in today's Greenock Telegraph a Morton side including Brian Graham, Jamie Stevenson and interestingly Chris Millar drew 0-0 with Falkirk (an u-19s team from what I've heard) in a bounce match played at Stirling University yesterday.

The full team isn't listed but does say that Ryan McGuffie, David MacGregor, Jim McAlister and Iain Russell were not involved and trained instead.

The article includes a couple of quotes one of which simply says: "Chris Millar played well too". McInally has already went on record as saying Millar would never play for the club again but reading between the lines this quote hints at a reprieve for the on form midfielder. It will be interesting to see if he starts against Gretna on Saturday and personally I hope he does.

Andy Ritchie Biography Details

John Riddle (pictured with Andy Ritchie in the Spinnaker hotel) - the author in the process of writing a biography on Andy Ritchie - has emailed me with some details of his book.

The biography (written with Ritchie's permission) entitled The King Of Cappielow: The Biography Of Andy Ritchie is to be published on the 11th of October 2008 by Apex Publishing Ltd. It will be available in paperback priced at £7.99.

The following description appears on Apex Publishing's website:

Andy Ritchie’s potential was first spotted by his school teacher, Craig Brown, who later would become Scotland manager. Andy went to Celtic Boys club and very soon was offered a professional contract with Celtic - the Glasgow Giants. After one too many spats with the legendary Jock Stein he was transferred to Greenock Morton FC where he became a legend. Andy was in the team that rose from the bottom of the old second division to the top of the Scottish Premier League. In 1979 he was named the Scottish Football Writers Player of the Year whilst in England a former team mate Kenny Dalglish took the honour.

He was denied a Scotland cap by the then manager Jock Stein, who ignored the
calls of “Ritchie for Scotland” after a stunning hat-trick at Dundee.


Russell Steele's Greenock Telegraph article on the book: http://www.greenocktelegraph.co.uk/article.php?sec=1&id=17539


Contrary Reports In Millar Transfer

In yesterday's Tele' Roger Graham reported that Morton had accepted a bid of £5000 from St. Johnstone for Chris Millar. The story also quoted Jim McInally as saying: “We told them the player can go, but we haven’t heard back from them yet.”

However, in a story headlined Millar is no closer to joining Saints the Tayside and Fife Courier reports that St. Johnstone have tabled a £5000 bid but 'contrary to reports from the west of Scotland, the clubs have not reached an agreement.'

The Courier article quotes St. Johnstone managing director Stewart Duff. He said: “We’ve made an offer and the ball is in Morton’s court. They have indicated they’ll come back to us later this week.”




Gardyne Signs For Ross County

Michael Gardyne has signed for Ross County according to a paragraph at the bottom of the Tele' article about Morton accepting St. Johnstone's bid for Chris Millar.

I was one of the rare Morton fans who thought he could've been a good player for us. I'm not sure I'm that bothered after watching this really annoying youtube video Paul (Capitanus) sent me the link for though.


MIllar Bid Accepted

According to a story by Roger Graham on the Greenock Telegraph website Morton have accepted a £5000 bid for Chris Millar - a bid that they earlier rejected.

St. Johnstone haven't responded to Morton about the acceptance of the £5000 bid.



Livingston 6 - 1 Morton

Livingston 6 - MacKay (17 pen) Pesir (36, 58) Walker (71) McMenamin (71) Griffiths (88)
Morton 1 - Russell (89 pen)

Att - 1,800

In his programme notes for Saturday's game Livingston manager Mark Proctor said 'there are acceptable ways to lose and there are unacceptable ways to lose' - the Morton performance in this match was totally, 100%, an unacceptable way to lose.

Mass exodus as fans get up to leave as Livi players celebrate their 6th goal in the background.

The empty seats left behind.

Audio interview with Jim McInally on Your Radio*:
Part 1 - http://w4.media-convert.com/convert/?xid=onpufyds
Part 2 - http://w4.media-convert.com/convert/?xid=psbooodp
Part 3 - http://w16.media-convert.com/convert/index.php?pg=myfile&xid=qnxgtzzg

* These interviews were recorded from the radio on the bus using my mobile phone - so there may be bits when you cant hear properly, the gaps between the different parts dont run seamlessly either. They were originally Adaptive Multi-Rate files and I converted them to MP3 files using the site the link takes you to. After downloading the audio file from the media converter site the interview with Jim McInally opens my iTunes folder and plays on that. I'm not sure how this will work for anyone without iTunes. They are only available for 24 hours but if anyone wants to hear them after that just email me and I can convert them again.

Morton (4-4-2):

1. Robinson - 6
2. Shields - 5
3. MacGregor - 4 (16. Graham - 65 mins)
4. Harding - 3
5. Greacen - 4
6. McAnespie - 4 (15. Stevenson - 46 mins)
7. Finlayson - 2
8. McGuffie - 6
9. Weatherson - 5 (12. McLaughlin - 46 mins)
10. Russell - 7
11. McAlister - 6

Subs Not Used:
14. Templeman
20. McGurn

Booked: MacGregor

Sent off: Finlayson (15)

Shields Harding Greacen MacGregor
Finlayson McGuffie McAlister McAnespie
Russell Weatherson
Livingston: Stewart, MacKay, James, Walker, MacDonald, McCaffrey (McMenamin 69), Dorrans, Fox, Craig, Pesir, Snodgrass. Subs Not Used: Weir, Jacobs, Griffiths, Lunn.

My man of the match: Dave Mackay (Livingston)

Sponsor's man of the match: Tomas Pesir (Livingston)

Matchday Programme (Click to enlarge)

Tele' match report (good report - Roger Graham gets stuck into the players): http://www.greenocktelegraph.co.uk/article.php?sec=2&id=18353

Tele' match reaction: http://www.greenocktelegraph.co.uk/article.php?sec=2&id=18354


Gardyne's Offski In Player Exodus

According to a story on the back page of today's Greenock Telegraph Michael Gardyne has been given permission to talk to Ross County - where he spent last season on loan from Celtic. In the article it says that the winger has been given the chance to leave because Jim McInally couldn't guarantee him a game.

The article also revealed that: Adam Coakley has left the club; we recouped the transfer fee we paid to Peterhead for Bobby Linn (around £15,000 if I remember right) in his recent move to East Fife and that Alan Gildbride has extended his loan with Stenhousemuir.

Another story states that Morton have rejected two derisory bids for Chris Millar from St. Johnstone. The bids - firstly £2500, then £5000 - were totally unacceptable according to Jim McInally. The club haven't heard anything from St. Johnstone since.

One player who isn't leaving is Jay Shields who has extended his 6 month deal until the end of the season.


Livingston Game Under Threat?

According to a post on http://www.greenockmorton.org/ by Se65an of the Gourock Morton Supporters: "Just called Livingston, they advise that the pitch is under an inch of snow, but do not see this as a problem for tomorrow."

I checked the BBC weather report for Livingston and it is expected that it will snow in Livingston for the rest of today. However the forecast predicts it will rain there tomorrow. I don't know how much I would trust this as it predicts that there will be light showers with sunny spells in Greenock today!


McGuffie Relishes Playing In Central Midfield

In today's Greenock Telegraph new signing Ryan McGuffie tells Chris Fitzgerald that central midfield is his favourite position and how Gretna had been playing him all over the place.