Irons Must Go

Yesterday's shocking 3-0 reverse at home to Inverness Caley Thistle MUST be Davie Irons last match as Morton manager.

You will have noticed the lack of updates on this site in recent weeks and it's all because I can hardly motivate myself to go to matches, nevermind type up news items and match reports. I've never been more disillusioned with the club than I am now. Even during the darkest days of administration, nearly going out of business and consecutive relegations I still looked forward to watching my team. In the lead up to Saturday's match I seriously thought about giving it a miss even though I wasn't doing anything else, I have a season ticket and haven't missed a home match in 12 years.

Watching our team is soul destroying at the moment - as shown by a sub 2000 attendance for a Saturday home league game - and unless chairman Douglas Rae acts now we will continue to lose fans (some of which we might never win back; recently my son asked me for a Celtic 'bumble bee' shirt instead of Morton's new effort) and worst of all, we could easily find ourselves back in division two. Relegation is unthinkable but under Irons I actually believe it is possible and so I think we can't afford NOT to sack the manager even though the pay off the management team would receive could be considered a cost the club could well do without.

Time to go Davie!

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Peña Getafense Escocia said...

Could not agree more. It's time to go.