Irons And Grady - The Break Up

After reading some of the quotes in articles about Davie Irons' sacking in today's newspapers it would appear that his relationship with his players - particularly with the new caretaker management team - was worse than previously thought.

In today's Greenock Telegraph Irons told Roger Graham of his disappointment at losing his job and mentioned that Allan McManus and James Grady had been appointed joint caretaker manager before adding: "I have my own opinion of those two but will keep it to myself."

While in the Daily Record Grady mentioned that they'd had disagreements: "He's a good person but every manager knows he'll get the sack one day. We had our arguments but I wish him well."

As recently as 6th June Grady had said: "I have had so many years with Davie Irons in the past and we have been at clubs where we have had to stand shoulder to shoulder, such as previous regimes at Gretna with things people don't know about. But I want the contract because I think I can do a job for Morton on and off the pitch. It's not because I'm pals with Davie Irons."

Irons' description of Grady as one of 'those two' is clearly negative so it would appear that their relationship has turned sour and if that's the case it would suggest that Irons must've completely lost the dressing room as Grady seemed to be his big ally within the squad when he initially signed for the club (pictured, above: Irons and Grady embrace on the pitch).

Hopefully Irons departure heralds a new beginning for the club and the end of the negative atmosphere that has been eminating from Cappielow for a long, long time.

Greenock Telegraph - Irons Wishes Ton Well (22.09.2009)

Daily Record - Morton Appoint James Grady & Allan McManus As Caretaker Bosses (22.09.2009)

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mortonjag said...

There are numerous soundly documented stories of Irons dreadful relationship with his players-too numerous to mention comprehensively.
The one which sticks out for me is his reportedly despicable behaviour in preventing certain squad members from giving support and paying their respects at Stevie Masterton's Dad's funeral. Irons is his own worst enemy and we're well rid of him.