Jonathan Tata

Allan Moore has confirmed that Cameroonian striker Jonathan Toto will not be offered a new deal at Cappielow.

"He's [Toto] in France just now and we've told him we won't be taking him back in January," the Ton boss told the Greenock Telegraph's Chris Tait.

The 20-year-old came to Ton after being recommended to Moore by Hearts gaffer Jim Jefferies, who had Toto on trial during the summer and was rumoured to be keen on signing him once a contract issue was sorted out.

In the meantime, Toto signed a short-term amateur deal with Morton with a view to signing with Hearts when the January transfer window opened.

However, in his four appearances for Morton, Toto failed to impress and was so off the pace in his first game that Moore subbed him after just 56 minutes.

He was slightly better in the games that followed but was still nowhere near good enough to secure a new deal with the club, never mind move to the SPL with Hearts. And this was something Moore admitted in another interview with Chris Tait.

"To be honest, I would have to say he's been disappointing," he told Tait. "He went out and played on the Saturday and had a pretty poor debut. That put the pressure on him right away.

"We were expecting him to step in and do a job for us and I don't think he has impressed as much as we thought he would."

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mortonjag said...

Why he was allowed to keep others out of the side after his first giveaway performance remains a mystery to me.

Perhaps he'll get a job elsewhere in the entertainment business.