Queen Of The South 1 - 3 Morton

Queen Of The South 1 - Tosh (3)
Morton 3- Weatherson(24), Russell (77 pen), Millar (92)

Att - 2,110

In the Terrace Talk section of Tuesday's Greenock Telegraph D. Gallacher from Aberdeen said: "I have recently written into express concerns over Morton's tactics and formation so I feel it's right to congratulate the management and players for Saturday's great performance at Palmerston." That opening paragraph pretty much summed up how I feel. I haven't been Jim McInally's biggest critic but I did eventually resort to a 'Time To Go Jim' post on this blog after a shocking performance against St. Johnstone. However recent performances, and Saturday's win at Palmerston in particular, have been very impressive. The return of Scott McLaughlin to the team, Chris Millar's return to form and Peter Weatherson's move back up front have turned our fortunes around and we now look like a decent team who are more than a match for the rest of the teams in this division. I'd say we are a decent centre-half and central midfielder away from a title challenge.

They might've got their preparation and tactics for this match spot on but Jim McInally and Martin Clark weren't directly invloved in the match as they were in the stand after their protests at Hamilton earned them a two game ban. So they were powerless - in theory at least - to influence the match after it started. Pat Gardner took over duties in the dug-out for this fine victory.

We started this match very poorly. Stevie Tosh opened the scoring with a left footed half volley from the edge of the box after only 3 minutes. I might be being over critical but I thought McGurn was slow to react and especially slow to reposition his feet and make a dive to save (after watching a video of the goal on the www.qosfc.com website I definitely think McGurn should've saved it). Queens continued to dominate for the first 15 minutes until Chris Millar started to take control in the midfield, an impressive feat when facing up to Neil MacFarlane and Tosh. Jim McAlister was also impressing back out in the left and it was from there that a chance was worked for Iain Russell - who blazed over from close range.

Morton's dominance was rewarded with an equaliser in the 24th minute and it seemed inevitable that it would be former Queen of the South player Peter Weatherson. Peter was right up for this match - as is usually the case when players come up against former clubs. Again McAlister worked his magic down the left before playing the ball inside for Weatherson to stride on to. He seemed to have taken the ball to too tight an angle but the Geordie then proceeded to unleash a left foot rocket into the roof of the net - 1-1.

Morton continued to dominate for the rest of the first half but frustratingly failed to capitalise on their possession and score a second goal. This almost proved to be the case when Morton seemed to lose their way in the first half of the second half but the game turned on a contentious refereeing decision which this time went in our favour. Chris Millar attempted to cut cross from the by-line but the ball was blocked by an opposition hand. The player was inches away from Millar and so couldn't have got his hand out of the way if he tried but no one in at Morton was caring when Iain Russell stroked his penalty into Jamie McDonald's bottom right hand corner.

Iain Russell's penalty:

Russell had a chance to put the game beyond doubt a few minutes later when he rounded MacDonald but he only managed to shoot into the side netting with an open goal at his mercy. Russell's only excuse could be that he hit the shot with his left foot but in my opinion any professional footballer should be adequate enough with both feet that they could roll the ball into an empty goal.

A Ryan Harding header cleared off the line shortly afterwards:

Cheers to Harry Thompson for the videos.

Chris Millar - who continued his recent excellent form - wrapped the game up in injury time. Weatherson split the defence with a through ball and Millar was coolness personified as he placed the ball past the Queens' keeper to secure an excellent three points.

Morton (4-4-2):

1. McGurn - 6
2. Shields - 6 (17. Keenan - 50 mins)
3. Walker- 7
4. Harding - 7
5. Greacen - 7
6. McLaughlin - 7 (12. McAnespie - 73 mins)
7. Finlayson - 6
8. Millar - 8
9. Russell - 7 (14. Stevenson - 89 mins)
10. Weatherson - 8
11. McAlister - 8

Subs Not Used:

15. Gardyne
16. Graham

Booked: Finlayson

QotS: MacDonald, Scally, McQuilken, Thomson, Harris, Robertson (O'Neill 69), MacFarlane, Mole (Gilmour 38), Tosh, O'Connor, Bingham (Dobbie 61). Subs Not Used: Grindlay, Paton.

My man of the match: Chris Millar

Sponsor's man of the match:

Matchday Programme (Click to enlarge)

Team Sheet

QotS match report & Tosh's goal: http://www.qosfc.com/07report.htm

BBC Match report: http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/scot_div_1/7086665.stm

Tele' match report: http://www.greenocktelegraph.co.uk/article.php?sec=2&id=16912

Peter Weatherson's after match reaction (Tele'): http://www.greenocktelegraph.co.uk/article.php?sec=2&id=16915

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