Weatherson's Best At...

... centre-forward according to Morton fans who voted on my poll asking where they would play Peter.

The vast majority of voters - 80% or 28 out of 35 votes - believe that Jim Mcinally and Martin Clark have made the right decision to move the Englishman back up front.

11% of you (4 votes) would like to see him play in central-midfield where he finished last season and impressed in home and away games against Forfar Athletic.

8% (3 votes) thought he should play 'somewhere else' rather than the positions listed. I can only assume this would be as an attacking midfielder in behind a front two.

In my opinion the most interesting result is that not one person voted to play Peter in defence; be that as a right-back or centre-back - the positions that he has played most frequently in the last two or three seasons.

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