Willy Wonka's XI

"Willy Wonka's factory team"- this is how we were described in an article on the 'Five Worst Strips Of All Time' (pictured - click image to read).

The article appeared in the Sunday Herald's fresh magazine and echoed - some would say ripped off - a similar article that appeared in The Scottish Sun a while back. Once again, Morton's Tartan Strips from the mid-nineties are ranked as the worst strip(s) of all time.

On the strips the article says: "Drenched in tartan and sponsored by a toffee company, the Tons [ eh?] looked like Willy Wonka's factory team."

Former Hugo Boss and Vivienne Westwood model Mark Hogarth was also interviewed for the article. The Glaswegian said: "One of the worst strips was a tartan Morton kit that was sponsored by a toffee company - they looked like they were playing in sweetie wrappers."

Spare a thought for Hull City though. Their tiger design from 1992 appears in these lists more often than our tartan strips - they are ranked 3rd.

The Sun's article: http://greenockmortonfc.blogspot.com/2007/10/tartan-strips-sickening.html

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