Grady Signs New Deal

Veteran striker James Grady has signed a new contract that will take him up to the 'beginning of 2010' according to a snippet in the Soccer Shorts section of today's Daily Record.

I haven't been able to find another source confirming the deal but the 38-year-old striker (pictured, above left: with fist clenched) has been involved in all of our pre-season friendlies and was taken on the trip to Austria so it seems likely there is truth in the story.

Grady had earlier indicated to the Greenock Telegraph that he was hopeful of securing a new deal, he said: "Ive not spoken to the manager, Im away for three or four days and hopefully I will be able to speak to him after that.

"When I signed, we were still in a mire. Even though from October we got closer to the pack, we were still near to the foot of the table. So he couldn't give me that extra year as he could not guarantee his own position. But we spoke about how if it improved then it shouldn't be a problem.

"We have not spoken more about it, but I don't envisage any real problems, at least I would like to think not. I have had so many years with Davie Irons in the past and we have been at clubs where we have had to stand shoulder to shoulder, such as previous regimes at Gretna with things people don't know about. But I want the contract because I think I can do a job for Morton on and off the pitch. It's not because I'm pals with Davie Irons."

Greenock Telegraph - Age No Barrier (06.06.2009)

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