Morton 1 - 1 Stranraer

On Saturday Morton drew 1-1 with a Stranraer side clinging to the small hope that they could avoid the 2nd / 3rd Division play-offs.

It was a poor game in which it was obvious that the Morton player's minds were on lifting the trophy and looking forward to next season. It was always going to be a tough task to get them motivated and for them to keep their eye on the ball.

The Champions opened the scoring when top scorer Peter Weatherson fired in his 18th goal of the season at the back post. Stranraer equalised in the 35th minute through veteran Paul McGrillen who was later dismissed. McGrillen and Wilson both received their marching orders at the very end of the match.

For me the celebrations were quite subdued. The weather didn't help and neither did the fact that the players walked around the whole pitch before coming to the cowshed to celebrate (rumoured that this was on the stewards say s0). However the biggest spoiler was the dreadful Your Radio DJ who played music when we wanted to sing and tried to force the fans to chant and do Mexican waves when they didn't want to. It was more of a relief that we are out of the 2nd division rather than a celebration of a great achievement. Roll on 2007/08 in the 1st Division.

1. Mathers - 6
2. Weatherson - 6
3. MacGregor - 6
4. Harding - 6
5. Greacen - 6
6. McLaughlin - 6
7. Finlayson - 6 (12. Millar - 4)
8. Stevenson - 7
9. Templeman - 6 (15. Linn - 4)
10. McGowan - 6
11. McAlister - 8

14. A. Walker
16. D. Keenan
20. D. McGurn

My mom - Jim McAlister

Att : 5255 (Highest Home League attendance of the season)

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