SPL 2 Edging Closer ?

According to today's Sun 30 SFL clubs will meet at Hampden next Thursday to decide whether or not to form SPL 2. The snippet by Paul Hughes also suggests that clubs like Livingston will quit the SFL if they 'don't get their own way'.

The principal clubs behind SPL 2 received a boost when Clydesdale bank hinted that they would consider sponsoring SPL 2 if it were to be formed. Clydesdale have already agreed a sponshorship deal with the SPL for next season.

In the Morton v Cowdenbeath matchday programme (31.03.07) Morton chairman Douglas Rae said : "I personally believe that if by First Division Clubs joining the SPL, more money would be brought in to Scottish Football, then we should all vote for it."

If Clydesdale bank agree to sponsor the SPL 2 and a TV deal can be found (probably with the ever expanding Setanta Sports) I can't see how Morton could not get involved. The SFL needs a major shake up and in spite of the flaws in SPL 2 (Pearse Flynn's money grabbing) I would like to see Morton involved. It's all very well saying that clubs like East Stirling and Forfar would be left behind but those clubs have little or no ambition and are quite happy to maintain the status quo.
Hopefully SPL 2 wouldn't become the virtual closed shop that the SPL has become. It would also be beneficial if a pyramid system were formed at the base of Scottish Football. This would allow ambitious junior clubs and highland league clubs to progress up through the leagues and replace those 'professional' clubs who are happy to stagnate while paying players £10 per week.
If Clydesdale bank are genuinely interested in getting involved it would bring SPL2 a significant step closer to being realised.
Clydesdale bank express an interest in sponsoring SPL 2 : http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/scot_div_1/6550759.stm

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