Squad Update

At present there hasn't been any news about signings for the 1st division, only a few rumours. The only updates so far have been that Morton have retained the majority of last seasons squad.

The only changes since last season have been Paul McGowans return to Celtic at the end of his loan spell and the release of Michael Fulton and Kenny McLean. Paul Mathers is out of contract and is yet to sign a new deal.

At the moment the squad looks like this :

Goalkeepers (1)

David McGurn

Defenders (7)

Stewart Greacen
Ryan Harding
David MacGregor
Alan Gilbride
David McLeod
Craig Black
Gary Phillip

Midfielders (9)

Jamie Stevenson
Chris Millar
Scott McLaughlin
Jim McAlister
Kevin Finlayson
Dean Keenan
Ryan Russell
Scott McKellar
Gary Laughran

Attackers (3)

Chris Templeman
Bobby Linn
Brian Graham

Utility (2)
Peter Weatherson
Alex Walker

On paper the squad of 22 isn't very impressive. Especially when you consider around 8 of them are youth / reserve players with little first team experience. Most Morton fans will be keen to see around 3, 4 or even 5 strong signings to compete in the 1st division preferably with some experience to guide what is a young team.


Simplyton said...

I dont think there is any doubt that we need 4 or 5 players to up the experience & skill levels of the team.

Looking at the squad there is only 7 (?) players who have played at 1st division level or above and while we can always pull out a big performance like the St Johnstone game to survive over a season we need 18 players of sufficient enough quality to play in 1st division

Last season we were very lucky with injuries but I have a feeling we might not be so lucky this time around.

Absolute minimum requirement would be a 1st choice goalkeeper (with at least 1st division experience), 1 full back, a central midfielder & a striker. Add to that a 2nd full back, left sided midfielder & another striker if we hoping for anything in the top half of the table.

We also need to pick up players who have been over the course before - As well as a poor Ton performance I felt during our visit to Broadwood last year we lacked streetwiseness(?). As soon as any Ton player crossed the halfway line and looked even remotely threatening Clyde would commit a soft foul that would allow everyone to get behind the ball but not enough to draw too much attention from the referee.

Looking forward to an interesting summer - Think his signings could make or break Jim's managerial career at the Ton

Keep up the good work on your blog

Jonathan Mitchell said...

I totally agree with what you say there. Especially the point about Streetwiseness (haha).

A couple of experienced pros are essential and I think Jim already has players in mind.

I'm already looking forward to next season.

Thanks for the encouragement regarding the blog.