Morton Disappointed With Sturm

Today's Greenock Telegraph back page focuses on Morton's disappointment on missing out on Jani Sturm.

Roger Graham spoke to Douglas Rae who said that he was 'bitterly disappointed' on missing out on Sturm because he thought Sturm had agreed to join the club and that he was supposed to be coming in to sign a contract on the Wednesday morning with Jay Shields.

The agent phoned on Wednesday morning to say he would be going to Dundee and Rae believes 'another person' was assisting agent Sinisa Latkovic in arranging the move to Dundee rather than Morton.

A concerning aspect of Graham's article is at the end Douglas Rae is asked whether they will target someone in place of Sturm, Rae says "No , I think the manager may want to consider Adam Coakley." For anyone who wasn't that impressed with Sturm's performance against St. Mirren just consider that Coakley was on the bench and didn't get on the pitch even though we made five substitutions.

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