Roger Graham On Andy McLaren

The back page of today's Greenock Telegraph is dominated by an interesting opinion piece by Roger Graham. The topic is Andy McLaren (pictured - playing for Scotland) and his Morton departure.

The full article can be read on the Tele' website so instead of analysing the full article I'll just pick out two comments I found very interesting.

The first was a comment that Roger Graham himself knew that "at times Morton Football Club bent over backwards to accomodate a man who, in his own autobiography's title, is a 'tormented' soul". He also goes on to say Morton were "always prepared to act sympathetically." I'd say these two comments point to the fact that it was definitely time to get rid of McLaren. The club shouldn't need to bend over backwards to accomodate any player especially a guy in his 30s. His behaviour on the pitch was erratic and that combined with his performances meant it was time to go irrespective of whether the decision was taken by McInally as McLaren claims or as a mutual decision.

The second comments regards the reason behind McLaren's departure. Graham makes a very good point when he points out that McLaren wasn't complaining about leaving Morton at the time he left. In fact McLaren was quoted in the Greenock Telegraph on the 26th of May 2006 as saying: "I had a year's contract at Morton. The option was there to renew it if I played a certain amount of games, which I did, but I don't want to exercise that option. I don't feel another season in the Second Division is right for me at this stage in my career." It would seem that Andy has changed his mind about why he left Morton.


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