Tartan Strips Sickening?

On page 95 of today's Scottish Sun Gareth Law has used Scotland's limited edition claret strip as an inspiration to compile a list of 6 other kits that made you sick. Number 1 are Morton's Tartan strips from the mid-90s - with the Red strip pictured in the article.

I thought the choice was a bit harsh considering the popularity of the strips at the time. I wouldn't argue with the current Tartan effort being included even though I actually own it as it's hideous but I also had the original blue one and loved it at the time. The red one I wasn't as fond of but I still wouldn't say it made me sick.

If I were to pick a Morton strip that did make me sick it would have to be the 'James Watt College' strip made by the Cappielow Connection / Premier Marketing. That was a sickeningly cheap effort that even makes Vandanel look decent... okay, too far.

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