Poll Results

St. Johnstone bound midfielder Chris Millar came out on top of the two most recent player of the month polls. Chris won the January award with 69% of the vote (25 out of 36 votes) - a landslide victory in comparison to the other player of the month awards. Barry Smith was his closest rival for the award with 3 votes.

Millar won the February player of the month award - making himself the only person to win consecutive awards so far - with 41% of the vote (18 out of 43 votes). An honourable mention must go to Jim McAlister who ran Midge close finishing with 34% (15 out of 43 votes).

Chris also won the award for November.

In another recent poll I asked readers if they were happy with the appointment of Davie Irons and Derek Collins as Morton's new management team. The results would suggest that most fans (who voted) were content or in some cases unsure of the appointment.
A slight majority of voters agreed with the option 'Yes, I'm Happy' (53% - 34 out of 64 votes). 'I'll wait and see' came second (23% - 15 votes) while 'Yes I'm Ecstatic' (10% - 7 votes) and 'Don't Know' (7% - 5 votes) came a bit further behind again.

Only three people registered a disappointment with the Irons and Collins partnership. 'No, I'm Unhappy' recieved 2 votes (3%) while one person (1%) went for 'No, I'm Gutted'.

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