Wakey Wakey

On Saturday it was hard not to feel sorry for Morton striker Brian Wake. As he made his way along the front of the main stand to make a late substitute appearance at New Douglas Park the cheer from the Accies fans conjured images of a Filip Sebo appearance at Parkhead.

They laughed and clapped sarcastically and then burst into a chorus of "Wake, Wake, Brian Brian Wake. He gets the ball, does fuck all. Brian, Brian Wake." as he jogged down the touch line.

As I said, I felt for the guy but that sort of reaction from fans of the team we recently signed him from says it all. Their reaction confirmed what most of us have been thinking. It's fair to say he's looked a very mediocre player so far and, unfortunately, I think he will soon be added to the long list of Jim McInally panic signings who will be quickly moved out of Cappielow. I'd love him to prove me wrong as he seems an honest big player but I cant see it.

It looks like Davie Irons has a lot of work to do in the summer.

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Anonymous said...

i felt sorry for big brain wake as ok he may not be the most gifted of footballers but thats not reason to critisce him hopefully he will prove everyone wrong hopefully he scores against clyde then he will be a hero in everybodys eyes