2007/08 Player Of The Year

Jim McAlister can add the prestigous honour (don't laugh) of winning the inaugural greenockmortonfc.blogspot.com player of the year to the list of supporters' awards he has already won for his performances this season.

Jim romped to victory with 56% (53 out of 93) of all the votes registered on the poty poll. Chris Millar was runner up with 16% (15 out of 93) while Kevin Finlayson secured third place with 10% (10 out of 93). Lee Robinson, Stewart Greacen, Scott McLaughlin, Peter Weatherson and Iain Russell were the other players to receive a vote.

I was going to add bonus points for player of the month awards but even then McAlister would have still had enough to win - he won two player of the month awards compared to Chris Millar's three.

Well done Jim!

greenockmortonfc.blogspot.com Player Of The Year 2007/08: Jim McAlister

Monthly Awards:
August - Dean Keenan (43% of vote)
September - Jim McAlister (32%)
October - Peter Weatherson (56%)
November - Chris Millar (34%)
December - Iain Russell (30%)
January - Chris Millar (69%)
February - Chris Millar (41%)
March - Jim McAlister (35%)
April - Brian Wake (57%)

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