Tony McParland Training With Morton

According to an article by Steven McArthur in today's Greenock Telegraph former Celtic midfielder Tony McParland (pictured) is training with us with a view to joining the club next season.
Derek Collins said: “Tony has been training with us for a while. He’s been patient and we respect that, and he will continue with us with a view to possibly joining.”

Name: Tony McParland
Age: 25 (20.09.1982)
Height: 5' 7"
Position: Right Midfield, Left Midfield
Nationality: Scottish
International Honours: Scotland Under-17, 18, 21s (according to wikipedia)
Former Clubs: Celtic, Barnsley, Wycombe

In the same article Collins quashed rumours we were interested in Chris Aitken. He also confirmed: rumours that Kieran McAnespie, Jamie Stevenson and David MacGregor can find new clubs (all have a year left on their contracts); Brian Graham will be sent on a year long loan ( he has two years left on his contract) and that there will be no reserve side again next season but their will be an under-19s team.

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