Shimmin Hopes To Be Back Before End Of The Season

Dominic Shimmin says that he will be unhappy if he doesn't recover from injury and play before the end of this season.

In an article in Saturday's Greenock Telegraph the big defender told Roger Graham that his original injury lay off with a hamstring strain has now been exacerbated by a torn tendon: “I stepped up my rehab and training last week, but felt something. It turns out to have been a pretty bad tear in the tendon. I seem to have aggravated the injury.”

When asked if he'd be back before the end of the season, he said: “I’ll be very unhappy if I’m not. I think the problem is that I was playing with a lot of injuries — a lot of niggles, when we were down near the bottom of the league. Then I maybe rushed back too soon. This time I am going to make sure I am properly fit before I return.”

“I don’t like watching. I keep wishing I was playing. It was really enjoyable earlier in the season, but I guess I’ll just have to bide my time.”

In a thread on greenockmorton.org it has been suggested that Dominic (pictured, above) and Davie Irons have had a fall out and that he may never play for the club again. I really hope this isn't the case and that Shimmin does play before the end of the season.

Greenock Telegraph - Frustrated Dom (11.04.2009)

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