Morton Fail To Offload Paartalu

It would appear that Erik Paartalu is no longer part of Davie Irons plans after the Chester Chronicle revealed that a free transfer to Chester City only fell through because the Australian midfielder wasn't interested in the move.

Chester manager Mick Wadsworth - who worked with Paartalu (pictured, left) at Gretna - told the Chronicle that Morton were more than willing for the move to go through to such an extent that we would still pay some of his wages, he said: “I also want a strong midfield player and I thought I had one in Erik Paartalu. Morton are willing to release him and help with his wages.

“I thought it would be a fantastic opportunity for him to put himself in the shop window, but I can’t budge him.”

Chester Chronicle - Chester City FC: Blues Sign Lewis Alessandra But Miss Out On Erik Paartalu (20.08.2009)

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mortonjag said...

Hmm-he's 'no longer in Irons' plans' yet he 'won't budge'. Maybe he knows something we don't!!