Bukta Farce

Morton have announced that the new red away strip (pictured, left: Jim McAlister wearing it away to Raith Rovers) will not be sold to fans because the colour runs from the strips when washed. A club statement posted on gmfc.net said:

When we eventually received the away strips for the first team, we experienced some problems with the colour running when the shirts were washed. Although Bukta provided us with a sample shirt from a second batch, we encountered the same problem. We therefore feel it would be unacceptable to put these shirts on sale for supporters.
Bukta have been Morton's kit suppliers since the summer of 2007. In just two years we have been subjected to a number of farcical situations by one of the oldest sportswear companies in the UK. The 2007/08 home strip (pictured, below) faded to such an extent that the players looked as if they were wearing grey and white hoops.

This year the club announced that the new home strip would be released on Thursday 2nd July with the away kit launching on Tuesday 28th July. The home strips finally went on sale on the 20th of August but even then there was limited availability. After numerous delays we now know that the away kit will never be on sale. The most embarassing thing is that the team didn't even get their strips on time and were forced to play in last season's white third strip until the 19th of September when they finally wore the red strip away to Raith Rovers.

Surely this latest farce ensures that we won't be renewing our contract with Bukta. Hopefully the club also decides to go with a more reliable manufacturer; Adidas anyone?

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mortonjag said...

On a lighter note, and following on Davie McGurn's article, maybe some of the players were bleaching their strips!