Irons Blames McManus And Grady For His Sacking

"I have my own opinion of those two [McManus & Grady] but will keep it to myself." - Davie Irons, Greenock Telegraph (23.09.2009).

It didn't take former Morton manager Davie Irons long to go back on his claim in the Greenock Telegraph that he'd keep his opinion of the current caretaker managers to himself. In today's Daily Record Irons blames them for his sacking and suggests that they stabbed him in the back by going to Douglas Rae and pushing for a change of management, he said: "There were a lot of things going on behind the scenes that I heard about after the event. They were undermining the management.

"They were causing problems for the team and making sure those at the top were aware things needed changing. These were people you have helped for years and given them opportunities. They have tried to change things for their own benefit and that was really disappointing.

"Grady and McManus were sitting outside the chairman's office, waiting to go in after I'd been sacked. I thought they could have been a little bit more discreet but no chance."

However, Douglas Rae hit back in article in today's Evening Times. He rubbished Irons' claims that McManus and Grady were behind the sacking: "Basically, Davie was sacked because of results. If you take the final four league games of last season into account and the opening six this term, we lost nine out of 10 and failed to score in seven of them. Crowds were going down and we had to take action."

Rae also exposed Irons strange management practices when he revealed that they weren't going to offer Grady a new contract - but did for some strange reason: "Anyway, the board and Davie were not going to keep James Grady on in the summer because the manager felt his legs had gone. He decided to keep him on after that. Why would you keep somebody on who was undermining you?"

I'm not sure whether there is truth in the accusation that Grady or McManus were actively going behind the manager's back and attempting to get him the sack but what I do know is that I went to every game of Irons' managerial tenure and I can assure anyone reading this that he deserved to be sacked on results and performances anyway. If the current cartetakers were going to Rae to say Irons should be sacked they were spot on - he had to be dismissed and was probably lucky to hold onto his job as long as he did.

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mortonjag said...

They say there are always two sides to a story. In this case I'd suggest there are three-Irons' version, Rae's version, and the truth.

I believe the truth to be that Irons made it impossible for others not to want him sacked.

He is clearly so unaware of himself that he's published his sob story for relative buttons while he's still being paid by our club.

That is surely a measure of the man's crass self obsession and insensitivity to others' thoughts and feelings.

We are well rid of him.