Managerial Uncertainty Affecting Players

21st September 2009 - the date Davie Irons was sacked as Morton manager. On Monday it will be six weeks to the day Irons was relieved of his managerial duties and it would appear that the length of time taken to make a decision on a new manager - including the subsequent uncertainty and confusion surrounding the break down of the move to appoint Allan Moore - is starting to have a detrimental effect on the playing squad.

In yesterday's Greenock Telegraph Stewart Greacen (pictured, above left) encouraged the chairman to make a decision as soon as possible, he said: "It does need sorted out now - it's a must. It's been five, going into six weeks and some stability is needed. I know the chairman doesn't want to rush his decision but it is dragging on now and a permanent appointment would give the players and fans a massive boost."

"We [the players] just want this issue done and dusted so we can all get back to concentrating just on the football alone and getting the results we need, starting on Saturday."

James Grady echoes those sentiments in today's Tele': "It's been unsettling, for the players and Allan and me.

"We will try and take as much of the pressure as we can away from the players, but they'll still think about it and talk about it. It obviously needs to be sorted out quickly for everyone's benefit, players and ourselves."

With the caretaker manager and club captain beginning to express their concerns about the length of time it has taken to appoint a new manager you can imagine that prospective candidates are also starting to get frustrated, especially in cases like Allan Moore's and Sean Connor's where their current employers know they have applied for a job at another club. I agree with Greacen and Grady; this has dragged on long enough. The new manager should've been in place before the Inverness game and should now be made no later than Monday.

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mortonjag said...

There is a simple solution. Appoint Grady until January and make it clear to him and to the squad that points make prizes!