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Merry Christmas!

Over the years when friends or family wanted to get me a Christmas present the first thing they would think of would be a Morton related gift. Be that a strip, a scarf, a tankard, a book etc. In recent years Smiths expanded their range with some Glenmuir jumpers, a whole new range of jackets, jumpers, hats and scarves but anything I like I already have and I'm sure most others would as well. To get to the point, the only Morton related gift I received this Christmas was Andy McLaren's autobiography Tormented and obviously the the club didn't receive any money from this.

What I'd like to know is where is the DVD of the 2006/07 2nd Division title campaign that was rumoured to be finished and ready for release? There was the 'A "Premier" Step Forward' video (pictured - below) for the 3rd division title win. You would think that the club would want to maximise profits firstly by getting the DVD out as soon as possible to cash in on the good feeling. If that wasn't feasible they could have waited until a wee while before Christmas to release it then and cash in on with people wanting to buy the DVD for the Morton supporter in their family. But the DVD is nowhere to be seen.

The club don't have the marketing side right at all and it's really frustrating as a fan who has family and friends who would be waiting to spend some cash on Morton merchandise (the DVD would have been ideal) only to find there isn't that much available unless you buy from Tontastic (and I have a few of his DVDs which I'd recommend) but again Morton don't benefit from this. The way it is my relatives are giving their hard earned cash to Aston Villa and the S.F.A. but I'd rather it was going to Morton.

If anyone knows if there's a reason why it has not been released feel free to post a comment or email me.

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