Step Forward Douglas Rae

I had to laugh while reading a column in last Sunday's Sunday Herald sport pull out. Columnist Michael Grant focused on Scottish teams in Europe for the most of his column but at the end he poked fun at new Celtic chairman John Reid.

Grant said of Reid:

For a supposed attack dog, John Reid has been laying the syrup on pretty thickly since he took over as Celtic chairman. Reid is going to provide rich material once he gets his feet under the table and feels able to start lobbing a few verbal grenades, but for the time being he's a big pussycat.

His charm offensive has involved tickling the Celtic support on the tummy.

"Every single board of directors at other clubs expresses a wish that they had fans with the commitment, passion and sportmanship of our support," he gushed last week.

Really, John? Perhaps those rival directors would like to come out and publicly share their views on why Celtic fans are better than their own. Come on chaps, who wants to go first...?

Well Michael, look no further than Morton chairman Douglas Rae's programme notes for the home match against Livingston on Saturday the 1st of December. Click on the picture below to enlarge and read Douglas Rae's comments and the picture above to do enlarge and read Michael Grant's column.

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