Jenkins Saga Drags On

The transfer of Allan Jenkins (pictured, far right as you look, playing against us in the Scottish Cup) from Gretna to Morton now looks like it can be added to the long list of farcical transfer dealings Morton have been involved in since Douglas Rae took over at the club. Dating right back to David Hagen's imminent signing up to Dundee stealing Jani Sturm and Colin McMenamin from under our noses.

Jenkins continues to hold off from accepting Morton's contract offer - an excellent deal according to Chris Fitzgerald in today's Greenock Telegraph - until he secures a pay off from Gretna.

In Fitzgerald's article McInally said that he was expecting to hear from Jenkins today [Friday] but that even if he accepts he will not join up with us until after the rescheduled Gretna replay - now to be played at Palmerston.

The article does state that Jenkins is keen to come to Cappielow but I suspect that this desire might be diminishing as he watches our spectacular league decline put huge pressure on the manager who is trying to sign him.

I'm not sure who's at fault here (if anyone) but all I do know is that we never seem to be able to snap up a player with the minimum of fuss. We always have to wait and wait and then find out we aren't getting them resulting in last minute panic signings like Jay Shields. Who, in other recent breaking news, has inexplicably (well not really as he's crap but because it was straight out of the blue) been released after just signing a contract extension. Anyone who believes McInally's 'there's no place for Jay because of our new formation' must be off their heads.

I hope we do get Jenkins as I rate him highly but the rate the deal is going at it will be an 23:59:59 signing on the 31st of January. Well either that or he'll tell us no and Jim will go out and snap up Stuart Callaghan from Brechin for £50,000.

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