110%, No Doubt About It, Time To Go Jim

Jim McInally has to go and now.

The 6-1 defeat at Livingston, the 3-0 defeat on Saturday, the way our team actually chucked it in both matches and tonight the frustration from learning Colin McMenamin has signed for Dundee after we've released both Chris Templeman and Bobby Linn have hammered the finals nails into a coffin that should've probably been sealed before now.

Our home record is despicable; his signings have been, in the main, deplorable which he himself seems to agree with as he's since released a lot of them (Linn, Templeman, Coakley, Gardyne, Shields) and he makes rash statements and then goes back on them (e.g. Chris Millar will never play for Morton again, that he would resign if we failed to achieve promotion in 2005/06).

In the past I've written in to the Tele' fans forum supporting him, argued on the unofficial messageboard supporting him and even posted on here questioning him but taking it back after improved results but there's only so long that can go on for in the face of what's gone this season and, for me, the time has definitely come for Jim McInally and Morton to part. There's no way back.

You might have noticed that I've not been posting news on here much this week and over the last few weeks I have posted match details without a report and the reason is that I'm absolutely scunnered with Morton - not only the manager but the Chairman and the players as well. The only way I can see things changing is a new management team with new ideas, a clear out of some of the heartless charlatans who masquerade as players every Saturday and less interfering from the top.

The only thing I would say is that I hope the calls for Jim's head don't descend into personal abuse as I think he comes accross as a very decent guy, he's just a rubbish manager.

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benbow, London. said...

Agree with you 111%, Saw them against Hamilton in December and they were mince. The manager is clueless when it comes to tactics. Must we owe a debt to Douglas Rae forever?