Jenkins To Sign For Morton

Gretna midfielder Allan Jenkins will sign for Morton next week according to rumours flying about the Cowshed yesterday.

Name: Allan Jenkins
Age: 26 (d.o.b. - 7/10/1981)
Position: Central Midfield
Nationality: Scottish
Height: 6' 1"
Former Clubs: Stranraer, Gretna

The rumours have also appeared on the http://www.greenockmorton.org/ messageboard and due to the sheer volume of people saying the same thing you'd have to think there's no smoke without fire.

Lots of people are saying they have very good sources who are in the know. MidTONS - who was in hospitality yesterday - had the rumour confirmed by a Gretna director. Others have said the Gretna players are saying the same as were Gretna fans in the Norseman after the match.

It's also a rumour I have heard personally and I tend to believe he will sign and will be delighted when / if he does.

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