Morton Top Trump Card

Today's Daily Record gave away 4 Scottish football team Top Trump cards - one of which was Morton.

The card (pictured) includes a number of stats and includes a small story on our Scottish Cup success in 1922 - written by me. The piece is identical (apart from two words) to a bit I wrote for Morton's Wikipedia page (the first paragraph of the history section). This is especially disappointing considering I could've written a lot of nonsense. It's not the first time I've seen this laziness either; Motherwell used some of the player profiles I, and others, had typed for our players in their match day programme.

Don't get me wrong I'm not grumbling because something I had written was ripped off. I typed it up in the knowledge it would be public property. But to take an article from wikipedia as gospel and then copy it out verbatim for a product you expect to sell is an absolute joke if you ask me.

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