Fight, Fight, Fight...

Jim Duffy (pictured) insists that fights are nothing new in football, in fact, he's been involved in a few himself.

In his regular Scottish Sun column, The Football Insider, the former Ton defender talks about a fight he had with Frank McGarvey at Celtic - and one against Roddy Hutchison at Morton.

Duffy said:

I had another bust-up at Morton which I still get stick for now from the lads. Roddy Hutchison was a big hard man in our side - and genuinely fearsome. There was a game when he wasn't happy with my passing and I wasn't pleased with the way he was holding the ball up. As we got to the dressing room he threatened me and I responded "what, do you think I'm a stupid wee boy like the rest of them in here?" My comments defused the situation, but when I meet up with the likes of Jimmy Rooney or Jim Holmes now they still say "We're only silly wee boys".

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