Money's Tight

Douglas Rae has scuppered any hopes James Grady had of getting his hands on the cash raised by the cup tie with Celtic by stating that the money raised will be used to offset losses caused by the credit crunch and poor home crowds.

Rae (pictured) told the Evening Times's Bert Mitchell of his intentions: "The last few years have hit us hard and we have suffered from dwindling attendances. I am not sure what the Celtic tie will bring in, but any money will go to balancing the books.”

This would suggest that Grady will have to use the loan system to secure the striker he is desperately looking for. Either that or he plans to move on a couple of players he deems surplus to requirements in the January transfer window.

Evening Times - Morton's Celtic Cash May Go To Balance Books (07.12.2009)


mortonjag said...

It seems to me that Douglas Rae has lost all sense of direction - if he had any in the first place.

When he's chosen to splash his company's cash, he's done it with little success. His signings - both managerial and playing - have been expensive disasters, but it's easy to blame the recession for the current financial low at 'The Flow'!

Any excuse will do, so long as the 'Saviour's image is protected!

I believe that he's financially 'played out' so far as the Club goes, and that his ambition to see us at a higher level has gone. Self interest appears to dominate all goings on at Cappielow.

He courted a mega rich director (NOT the other way around),to deflect from abysmal performances under the tame and inexperienced McInally, and predictably that has turned sour. Alistair Donald has become a pariah for those who buy unquestioningly into Rae driven propaganda.

There IS another side to the story, but Mr Donald maintains a dignified distance, and a genuine opportunity to find our rightful level in Scottish Football has undoubtedly been lost.

Sad times indeed, and unlikely to improve in real terms until Douglas is no longer at the club.

Jonathan Mitchell said...

Everything I've heard - from many different Morton supporters, most of whom would not just swallow any 'Rae driven propaganada' and who certainly know their stuff with regards to Morton - suggests that you've got this one wrong.

I've never been one to question other peoples information or ask them to betray a source by revealing more information that they'd like, but, I believe that if you do know that Douglas Rae ignored a genuine opportunity to find our rightful level in the Scottish Football then you should reveal exactly what you know.

In my eyes it's quite important that the whole truth should come out on this regrettable situation.