An Offer He Can Refuse?

Peter Weatherson's contract expires at the end of this season, and Morton manager James Grady is desperate to see the Geordie striker stay beyond the summer. "We definitely want to keep him and he is a major part of our plans," he says in today's Greenock Telegraph.

Morton have already offered Peter a new contract, which he is currently mulling over. But Grady understands his top scorer's reluctance to sign a deal before considering all of the offers made to him. "He knows what we can offer. He has got our offer on board already. He wants to take his time and make the right decision," he tells the Tele's Martin Greig. "It would be amiss if a player didn't look at all the options open to them in terms of being able to better themselves in a football sense and financially."

The article also confirms a rumour that Ian McCall is interested in taking him to Partick Thistle. That rumour has been circulation since early November, and as well as stating that Thistle were interested it was also suggested that Peter is intent on signing for the Glasgow club.

January promises to be an interesting month.

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mortonjag said...

I reckon Spoonsy will stay not because he wants to, and not because Grady wants him to, but because as always the Chairman will overvalue his assets and frighten folk off!