Regrets, I've Had A Few

It was almost three years ago that Morton midfielder Carlo Monti was charged with serious assault for attacking a man outside a gym in Glasgow. However, crown prosecutors decided to drop the charges after full and careful consideration of all the facts and circumstances in August last year. The experience is one that Carlo believes was the boot up the backside he needed to get his career back on track after being released by Celtic.

“It is a massive pressure off my shoulders and I was always confident that would happen anyway,” Monti told the Sunday Herald's Stewart Fisher of the charges being dropped. “But it is not something that will ever go away from me. It has made me grow up and given me the reality check that I needed. When you go to any club it is a new start, you are meeting new people and you have got to make an impression on new people. I would like to think I have come here and worked hard and can prove people wrong who maybe tar me with that incident."

However, the Scotland youth internationalist doesn't believe that this was the reason he was released by the Parkhead club. “Leaving Celtic was my own downfall. That [the court case] was nothing to do with it, it was another incident within the club. I got released as a result of my own stupidity. Obviously if I look back on it now I would never have done it. But there is no point looking back on things."

Monti certainly has the technique and talent to become a regular first team player for Morton. Let's hope he can combine this ability with his new found focus and commitment to kick start his career at Cappielow.

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