McManus Can Handle Ton Fans' Abuse

It would be fair to say that Morton assistant manager Allan McManus is not someone that the many regulars in the Cowshed have taken to their hearts. And the 35-year-old central defender knows it - but he insists that he can handle any abuse that Ton fans may throw at him.

"McManus clearly still holds the club [Airdrie] in high regard and joked he would probably receive more stick from the home fans," the Greenock Telegraph's Chris Tait wrote on Tuesday.

"I'm old enough now that abuse from the fans doesn't really bother me. I'll just be concentrating on the guys on the park and making sure they do their jobs," McManus also told Tait.

Hopefully McManus isn't on the receiving end of any abuse tomorrow, as it would probably mean that we've got a decent result against Partick Thistle.

Greenock Telegraph - I Loved My Time As A Diamond Geezer... (16.03.2010)

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