Allan Moore Would Have Loved To Manage Morton...

... but the opportunity to do so came about at the wrong time.

In an interview with the Greenock Telegraph's Chris Fitzgerald Stirling Albion manager - and former Morton player (12 starts, 6 subs appearances, 1 goal in season 2001/02) - Allan Moore revealed that he would have loved to have managed a full-time team like Morton but that he didn't apply for the job because it came up at the wrong time.
With Morton in a direct relegation battle with his current team Moore felt that his loyalty to Albion and his chairman Peter Mackenzie meant that moving to Morton would be a betrayal.

Moore is quoted as saying: “Morton’s a big club with a massive fan base and they play the kind of football I like — good passing and flowing football. To manage them would be something I’d love to do. However, the job came up at the wrong time for me. I’ve a loyalty to Stirling Albion, to keep them in this league. I wouldn’t do that to my chairman. He knows I’d like a full time management job, but with where we are and where Morton are, I just couldn’t do it to him or the club. I didn’t apply.”

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