Keep The Team In The First Division

In today's Greenock Telegraph Chris Fitzgerald talks to the new management team about their decision to join Morton and what their aims are for this season. Davie Irons and Derek Collins make it clear that their primary consideration is keeping Morton in the first division.

Davie Irons is quoted as saying: “As far as Derek and I are concerned, everybody starts afresh here and their challenge is to show us what they can do. We’re not overly familiar with the playing staff. We know the players that have played for us before and we’re aware of the ones that have played against us over the years, but it’s all about what they do from this day onwards. We’ve been charged with keeping this club in the First Division and that is our aim. Above and beyond that, we’ve not given it a thought."

Fitzgerald also talks to former Morton player Derek Collins who said“I’m delighted to be back here. It’s my spiritual home. I personally know how big a part the supporters can play at Morton. They are the proverbial 12th man. We are in a slightly precarious position just now, but with their help, I know the players will respond and we’ll start our climb up the division.”

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