Galloway: Irons Departure Is A Slap In The Face For Mileson

Former Gretna player Mick Galloway (pictured) has attacked Davie Irons and Derek Collins for leaving Gretna with the club in trouble and Brooks Mileson ill in hospital.

In his astonishing outburst Galloway told the Daily Record's Gordon Parks:

"The news that Irons and Collins have jumped ship to take charge at Morton has made my blood boil. I am still digesting the news but I'm angry at their decision to walk away and it has left megobsmacked.Brooks may be in hospital but what about his family and those close to him who read the papers? What will they be thinking about Davie leaving? This is the same man who I watched hug Brooks when we won the First Division title at Ross County last season before stating
he was here for the long haul and had just signed a five-year deal.

"Everyone speaks highly of Davie and tells me just how much of a gentleman he is but Brooks has given him everything and in the one week when he's needed to help the club through a difficult time he jumps ship.It's an astonishing slap in the face to the owner and I doubt he's even aware the two men who were in charge have now left the club in its hour of need.

"Brooks has shown loyalty, if any other manager had won as few games as Davie has would they still be in a job? I don't care what people say about the situation as I can make my own judgments and I think it's a shocking way to repay a man who's lying seriously ill in hospital. The one thing I'm sure of is that Brooks will be devastated at the news and that's something for Davie and Derek to weigh up in their own conscience. I don't care if the move to Morton has been pre-planned, it doesn't matter, as soon as they knew there was a serious concern both with Brooks' health and the consequences of that they should have stayed put."

In another Daily Record article, by Hugh Keevins, Irons defends his decision to join Morton. He counters Galloway's attack by saying:

"What I've done is join a club that is bigger in stature than Gretna. I'm excited and apprehensive at the same time. The opportunity came out of the blue and was one I couldn't turn down. I'm well aware I'll be accused of jumping ship while Gretna drown in their own problems but a lot of what has happened was none of my doing. There were times when I felt as if I was working with both hands tied behind my back and now I'm going to be my own man.

"It wasn't always easy for me to impose my thoughts and ideas where the team was concerned. There were times when I couldn't influence things I disagreed with. I picked the team but couldn't choose the players who were brought to be in it."

Irons did, however, admit that he felt guilty because he didn't get the chance to talk to Brooks Mileson about his decision to leave Gretna. He said: "I knew I'd be accused of insensitivity for leaving while the owner is in hospital. I couldn't speak to him before I took the decision to go to Morton because he was too unwell and that has left me with a certain level of guilt. But I will be making the effort to see Brooks once his condition stabilises and I'msure he'll understand it was a decision I had to take. It's a move I'm happy with."

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