Rae Aims For SPL

In an interview with the Scotsman's Ewan Murray Morton chairman Douglas Rae says that if we stay in the 1st division this season we will attempt to push for the top of the 1st division and the SPL next season.

Rae said: "Our initial aim was to remain in the First Division this year, and look next season at what would be needed to push near the top of the table. Then, we want to make a real effort to get back to the top division. A club such as ours cannot possibly break even without playing in the SPL."

The hard part will be staying in the 1st division this season. Something he seems to recognise but also something he confidently predicts we will manage to do: "Truthfully, I do not expect we will be relegated, David [Irons] will reinstall the confidence our players need."

The chairman also talks of his sympathy for Gretna and his disappointment with Jim McInally's resignation ("That [McInally's resignation] vexed me. We had a great relationship for three-and-a-half years here, never had a disagreement or an argument and Jim was perfect to work with.").

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