Dick Campbell Wants The Job

Today's Evening Times follows the same route as the Daily and the Scottish Sun in rehashing Douglas Rae's post on http://www.gmfc.net/ to make a news story while hanging it on a headline ('Fans fury forced Mac out at Ton') that suggests that Rae has said the fans forced Jim McInally out of the club. This might be the chairman's private opinion but all he actually does is infer that the fans are to blame for our poor home record (absolute nonsense in my opinion).

The most interesting part of the article is the last paragraph which says: "A management team of Jim Duffy and Peter Grant has gained currency in Greenock, while ex Partick boss Dick Campbell, is said to be keen on the post.

I'm not sure just who the Jim Duffy / Peter Grant partnership has 'gained currency' with in Greenock. Jim Duffy yes but I haven't heard anything about Peter Grant. I'm also praying that Dick Campbell's interest is ignored.

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