Hawke Rules Himself Out - For Now

In today's Greenock Telegraph Chris Fitzgerald talks to former Morton striker Warren Hawke about his name being put forward (by fans) as a possible replacement for Jim McInally.

Hawke rules himself out by stating that's he's not yet ready but believes he will be the man for the job a couple of years down the line.

He said: “There is no doubt I’d be very flattered to be linked to the position. Whether on a short or long-term basis, the role would always be very appealing."

“However, for the first 18 months since I retired, I enjoyed spending weekends with my family and it’s only this season I’ve been returning to various grounds around the country to increase my knowledge of players. To take on this prestigious role requires someone with extensive knowledge of all the divisions and I feel I’m still a couple of years away from this. That, linked with my current business commitments, means I wouldn’t be able to give the manager’s role the commitment it deserves."

So Warren believes that he is not quite ready because his knowledge of the lower leagues is not what it could be. He does, however, believe that no one understands the club and it's fans quite like himself: “The position should never be taken lightly. The need for a manager who understands the club, the players and the fantastic support is paramount. I believe in this area I would be the best candidate. "

Warren Hawke wont be replacing Jim McInally as Morton manager but I wouldn't bet against him replacing the man who does a few years down the line.

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