The Greenock Morton Quiz Book

Graeme Ross, author of Morton Greats and More Morton Greats, has another 'Ton book in the pipeline - The Official Greenock Morton Quiz Book.

However, fans hungry to test their Morton knowledge will have to wait a while to get their hands on the book -co-authored by Chris Cowlin - as it is not scheduled to be published until the 19th of September 2009. The book will cost £8.99 and can already be pre-ordered on http://www.amazonco.uk/.

The Apex Publishing Ltd website includes a brief description:

800 questions which cover all aspects of the club, from memorable managers and players to transfer fees, opponents and awards, and are sure to conjure up fond reminiscences of the colourful characters and nail-biting matches that have peppered the club’s long history.With a fitting foreword by Douglas Rae, this is as much a treasure trove of interesting facts and figures as it is a quiz book, and is guaranteed to provide hours of entertainment for young and old alike.

Apex are also set to publish Andy Ritchie: The King Of Cappielow - John Riddle's biography of Andy Ritchie.




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