Morton In For Arbuckle

Davie Irons is 'closing in' on Gary Arbuckle according to a Soccer Short in today's Daily Record.

The striker was released by Clyde after 4 seasons at the club.

Name: Gary Arbuckle
Age: 23 (16.08.1984)
Position: Striker
Height: 5' 11"
Nationality: Scottish
Former Clubs: Celtic, Clyde

I'm sad to report that after the tip off about Jamie Stevenson's comments on Scott McLaughlin's Bebo I've become a bit of a 'Bebo stalker' - as I'm reliably informed it's called - and checked some footballers Bebos for comments on who they might be signing for. Gary Arbuckle has left a couple of comments on a friends site stating that he has "had something set up for a few weeks now so all shall b revealed in time" and that it isn't Airdrie.

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