McManus To Coach Under-19s

Allans McManus (pictured), Morton's latest signing, is interviewed in today's Greenock Telegraph. The article is filled with the standard cliches about him knowing he isn't guaranteed a start, that he'll have to fight for his place in the team and that Morton were always his first choice. However one thing did leap out at me and that was the news that he will be coaching the under-19s team next season.

McManus told the Tele's Steven McArthur: “I’m also delighted to be given the opportunity to coach, and I will be involved with helping at the Under-19 level next season. I’ve done bits and bobs before, and I’m glad to keep my hand in at coaching.”

I've always said that I don't agree with players under 30 (Jamie Stevenson, Chris Millar, Jason Walker, Peter Weatherson) coaching our youth teams as they are still young boys who haven't had much of a career themselves and are likely to want to move on. In this case I think it's a wee bit different. McManus is 34 later this year, has a wealth of experience to pass on and is looking to move into coaching when he retires, possibly at the end of his contract with the club when he'll be 36. As long as McManus takes it seriously, which I think he will, I think his appointment to the Under 19s is a positive move.

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