Tow Law Town 1 - 1 Morton

Tow Law Town 1 - A. Johnson (58)
Morton 1 - Russell (87)

Att - 100 (at a guess)

Brutal -the weather conditions were brutal, the pitch was brutal (pictured, below) and the performance was brutal. This was definitely a match to forget.

There was little in the way of incident in this match so this match report should be short and sweet. The Lawyers - as Tow Law are affectionately known - took the lead in the 58th minute when Fernando Torres look-a-like Andy Johnson slotted past a stranded Adam Bradley after he left Peter Weatherson trailing in his wake as he latched on to a through ball.

Morton equalised in the 87th minute through Iain Russell. Jamie Stevenson played in Brian Graham who did well to work some space and unselfishly lay on a tap in for Russell.

Stevie Masterton was particularly disappointing. His set pieces - which are supposed to be one of his big strengths - were poor. This was all the more evident after he was subbed off and Peter Weatherson took over and hit the best set piece of the night when he crashied a free-kick off the top of the cross bar.

Chris Smith, Adam Bradley and Lee Nicholl all played against Threave Rovers on Monday and made appearances tonight. I'd say Smith is the only one of those who likes he has a chance of getting a deal. There were also three new trialists - a central-defender, a defensive midfielder and an attacking midfielder. The boys were all black lads with English accents and a couple of names were floating about the Morton fans. A wee check on google and the football manager database seems to suggest that the defender was Alfie Kamara a Sierra Leonese defender formerly of Arsenal and Ipswich; the defensive midfielder was Joe(?) Kamara (pictured, below) but I can't find anything on him and the attacking midfielder was Rashid Kamara. Of the three Rashid Kamara was the only one who was probably worth a further look and Irons seemed to agree as he took the other two trialists off at half-time but gave Rashid a further 20 minutes to impress. He was lively with nice close control, the abilty to take on a man and a low centre of gravity but did look a bit lightweight. It will be interesting to see if any of the three play against Durham tomorrow.

Latest signing Jon Newby was quiet but it would be unfair to read anything into that this early.

Some people might also be interested to know that Jim McAlister got a chance to play right-midfield as Iain Russell started the second half on the left-hand side of midfield. However, Irons
quickly swapped Jim and Iain (Russell was moved up front when Lee Nicholl came on) around so there was little chance to decide would be more effective down that side.

Tow Law finished 7th in the Arngrove Northern League Division 1 last season and although we scraped a 1-1 draw they looked a very poor side. Tomorrow's opponents won said league last season so we can look forward to a better quality match - hopefully.

Next up: Durham City

Morton (3-5-2):

1. Stewart - 6 (20. Bradley - 46 mins - 6)
2. McManus (c) - 6
3. Trialist [Chris Smith] - 7
4. Trialist [Joe Kamara] - 6 (16. Paartalu - 46 mins - 7)
5. Finlayson - 5 (18. Russell - 46 mins - 6)
6. Masterton - 4 (15. McGuffie - 46 mins - 5)
7. McAlister - 7
8. Trialist [Rashid Kamara] - 7 (19. Stevenson - 67 mins)
9. Trialist [Alfie Kamara] - 6 (17. Weatherson - 46 mins - 6)
10. Wake - 6 (12. Nicholl - 65 mins)
11. Newby - 6 (14. Graham - 65 mins)

Subs Not Used:

21. Mitchell
22. Kerrigan

1st Half

A. Kamara McManus Smith
Finlayson Masterton J. Kamara McAlister
R. Kamara
Newby Wake

2nd Half

Weatherson McManus Smith
Nicholl Paartalu McGuffie McAlister
Graham Russell

Tow Law Town: Norton (Allan); Gowland; Hollingsworth; Langthorne; Renshaw (Hutt); Mudd; Henderson; McGuire (Eccles); Benjamin (Johnson, B); Teasdale (Johnson, A); McKie (Dixon).

My man of the match: Rashid Kamara [Trialist]

Sponsor's man of the match:

Matchday Programme (Click to enlarge)

Greenock Telegraph match report: http://www.greenocktelegraph.co.uk/articles/2/26116

Alfie Kamara: http://www.tmwmtt.com/sql/players/profile.phtml?first=Alfie&last=Kamara

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