Craig Thomson - Conclusion

By now a lot of Morton fans will have let Craig Thomson's controversial decision to disallow Chris Templeman's header against Hamilton Accies slip to the back of their mind. However, one Morton fan is still seething and has been intent on pushing the SFA for answers.

Ernie Newall, aka Mortonjag, has written to Gordon Smith on a couple of occasions. In reply to Ernie's original letter Drew Herbertson - the SFA's head of disciplinary and referee department - said: "This matter is currently being investigated by the SFA and, as such, it would be inappropriate to offer comment at this stage beyond saying the process which was gone through by the referee to disallow the goal is the focus of attention."

On the 3rd of October he sent a follow up letter to learn the result of the SFA's investigation. As with the previous letter the question was forwarded to Herbertson and he replied to say that, after interviewing the officials, the SFA were satisfied that the referee and linesman came to the correct decision but that the communication between the officials could have been better and that they will use this example as a discussion point at future Referees' Associations' monthly meetings.

So it looks like we will never really get a definitive answer as to what actually happened that day but with the SFA what else would you expect.


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