Welcome to Hell!

Sometimes the journalist writing the Scottish Sun's A-Z column will ask the featured player: 'Welcome to Hell! What's the worst place you've been to?' You get the usual answers like Istanbul or, as this Monday's interviewee Jackie McNamara senior (pictured, left) mentioned, Athens. However, what you don't expect someone to say - unless Sir Alex Ferguson is answering - is Cappielow. McNamara said: "It was a European Cup match in Athens. There were rockets, flares and lots of noise which made it a really intimidating place to play in. I also hated playing against Morton at Cappielow - I could never get a win there."

McNamara was with Morton from 1985-1988, as a player and assistant manager, and in spite of his answer about hating going to Cappielow as a Hibs player he does have fond memories of his time with the club, he added: "I had a fantastic time there though when I was player-assistant manager under Allan McGraw."

When asked 'Arf Arf. What's the funniest thing you've seen in football?' he said: "I was playing against Morton at Cappielow and it was a warm sunny day for a change. I was quite pally with Andy Ritchie who told me if I was too warm then just to stand behind him in the shade. A punter was giving him stick because we were having a blether during the game and he just said to him: "keep it down, some of us are trying to sleep out here.""

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