Stuart Duncan Aims To Step Up Communication

Yesterday the Greenock Morton Supporters' Trust posted a story on their website confirming that Stuart Duncan (pictured, left) has been invited to join the board at Cappielow. Stuart will officially join the board on the 1st of January 2009 and his main roles will be the administration of the youth set-up and to liaison with all supporters and supporters' clubs throughout Inverclyde.

The post, written by an administrator, focuses on the need for Stuart to step up the level of communication with the fans - he is currently thinking about how he will best achieve his goals. It says:

Stuart is already thinking hard of the best way to actually do this job. He is fully aware that communication needs to be maintained and stepped up wherever possible. That of course is not going to be easy. Running a football club is like most businesses. Much of the internal workings are very mundane, so Stuart needs to find a way to provide the key information, without becoming too bogged down in the day to day detail which most of us would find of little interest. There will obviously be some confidential information which he will not be able to divulge. Stuart will communicate as much as he possibly can.
Stuart hopes to have his first public meeting in early January.

Stuart Duncan is a founding member and current Chairman of the Supporters Trust. Below he is pictured with Professor James Pickett and Jim McColl when the club was in administration in June 2001.

gmst.org.uk - Stuart Duncan invited to join the Board

gmst.org.uk - Stuart Duncan profile

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