Morton Confirm Sun Story

Morton have today confirmed that the club has agreed to buy St. Mirren's East Stand and floodlights for £50,000.

In a news item on http://www.gmfc.net/ the club reveals that the structure will be used to cover the Wee Dublin End. The stand will be dismantled when St. Mirren move to their new stadium on the 31st of January 2009. Meanwhile Morton are currently working on an application to obtain the necessary permissions to allow them to start work as soon as possible after dismantling.

We have agreed to pay St. Mirren £50,000 but this is only the tip of the iceberg as the club estimates that we will have to pay a further £250,000 to have the structure transported and set up at Cappielow. However, the article also states that this is only a fraction of the amount it would have cost to fit a brand new roof.

The work will be carried out by John Mitchell - formerly of Barr Construction -who built the seating area at the front of the Cowshed as well as our Standside floodlights.

gmfc.net - Proposed Works at Cappielow

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