Morton Set To Buy Love Street Stand For £50,000

Morton have agreed to buy St. Mirren's East Stand (aka the Reid Kerr College stand) and a pair of European-standard floodlights for £50,000. The stand - which was only built in 2000 - will be deconstructed and transported to Cappielow. It is not clear whether Morton intend to add the structure to the Wee Dublin End or the Sinclair Street end.

'Ton fans have been discussing rumours that this would happen for months but Bill Leckie's article in the supergoals pull-out in today's Scottish Sun is the first real public indication that there might be truth in the rumours.

While Leckie appears very confident that the story is true he doesn't have any sources willing to confirm a deal has been agreed. Leckie wrote that Morton stadium director Crawford Rae declined to comment and St.Mirren chairman Stewart Gilmour was 'coy'. However, Gilmour did say he would be delighted if Morton were to put some of Love Street to good use in future: " I would be delighted if some important bits of Love Street went to good use - and I'd be delighted if if it was Morton that used them. We've always had a close relationship and that's what friends do for each other."

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